Teens Can Explore College Majors Before Committing to a School or Program

Choosing a college major can be a challenging decision with major financial implications. Just imagine a teenager trying to decide what to do with the rest of their life and committing significant finances to follow that path. Even more difficult is the thought of discovering the path they chose isn’t right for them after years of hard studying and spending a lot of money to get there. College can cost upwards of $20,000 per year – that is a huge investment! What if there was a way for teens to explore college majors in a hands-on, practical setting before deciding… Read more »

Hofstra Summer Camps: Myth vs. Fact

Myth: Being that Hofstra is a college campus, the summer camp programs take place in an environment similar to school and the children are in classrooms all day. Fact: The summer camp programs do take place on the college campus, which lies on 240 beautiful acres that turn into camp grounds for the summer. Children are often outdoors playing games and engaging in activities created by camp counselors and directors.

Hofstra’s Sports Journalism Certificate Program for Teens Is Helping Girls Pursue a Career in Sports Broadcasting

Sports broadcasting and sports journalism positions have traditionally been held by men. Yet, these male-dominated fields are starting to be redefined by women who have a love of sports and the desire to report on sports-related topics and sporting events. In the world of sports journalism, there are a growing number of jobs for both men and women thanks to the growth of online radio, television, social media and blogs. The Sports Journalism and Broadcasting Institute for Teens at Hofstra Continuing Education is helping to prepare the next generation of sports journalists and broadcasters. To help support the goals and… Read more »