At Our Long Island Summer Camp, Teens Can Explore Career Options Before Choosing a College Major!

What if there was an easier way for teens to decide what career path to take and what to go to college for?

Great news: there is!

The Precollegiate Career Discovery Institute at Hofstra University allows middle school and high school students to explore real-life career options before they take the next step into higher education. Students can explore career paths such as aviation, criminal justice, culinary arts, veterinary science, entrepreneurship, sportscasting, novel writing and so much more.

For students in grades 6-11, the Precollegiate Career Discovery Institute offers a true campus learning environment, empowering them to be responsible and engaged — and prepared!

Your child will gain valuable knowledge and skills, preview college life, explore career options, and meet peers with similar interests.

The Precollegiate Career Discovery Institute allows students to explore their passions through a large selection of programs including:

Give your child the experience and benefit of exploring potential career paths at the Precollegiate Career Discovery Institute!

To learn more, visit us online at or call 516-463-CAMP.

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