Program Profile: Have a Ball at Hofstra’s Tennis Camp

At Hofstra Summer Camps’ Tennis Program:

We Consider Your Child’s Skill Level

The Hofstra Tennis specialty accommodates children of all levels of play. On the first day of camp, each child is evaluated – based on his or her ability – and placed into the appropriate group. No child is locked into a skill group; if a child’s skills progress, he or she will be moved to a more advanced group.

In 2011, Hofstra added the “10 and Under Tennis” specialty to its general Tennis program. This is the newest approach to teaching tennis to youngsters 10 years of age and younger. The balls are lower in compression and bounce lower and slower, allowing youngsters to get to the ball and develop optimal swing patterns. Children under 10 years of age that already are proficient will continue to use standard tennis balls.

What Campers Do Everyday

Each day’s lesson begins with stretching and warm-up exercises. Whenever possible, lessons are taught in the form of a game. Each day, children are taught the basic strokes of forehand, backhand and volley. Campers are introduced to or taught (depending on skill level) other strokes such as overheads, serves, approach shots, topspin, and slices, etc. Those able to play regular games are taught scoring, strategy, and mental toughness for match play. Each daily session ends with some non-stressful competition that is fun for every camper!

During the morning specialty, an awards ceremony occurs at the close of each day. A child from each group receives an MVP award for being the most improved of the day, most sportsmanship, winning the most points, etc. On the last day of each session, campers will participate in a tournament with Olympics scoring. During the tournament, all campers are divided into four teams, and children play while instructors keep score.

Each session, this process is repeated, but with different games and different drills to keep the program new and exciting. Our counselors provide individual attention within the groups and new activities are added every day. When children enroll for two or three sessions, they often progress to different courts and have different instructors and children in their groups.

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