Adventure Education Makes You Feel Safe in the Air

How do you learn to overcome obstacles? Modeled after the popular Project Adventure and Outward Bound programs, Adventure Education camp will teach participants to face mental, physical, and emotional challenges safely and confidently. Personal and social responsibility, trust, effective communication, problem-solving, teamwork and cooperation are emphasized as campers work through ground-level, low-level, and harder challenges such as climbing walls and catwalks. Your child will feel like they’re on top of the world as they tackle seemingly impossible situations successfully!



The Challenges

High Elements: Campers complete these 30-foot tasks hooked into a harnessed and belayed (supported) by one of our skilled staff members!

Space Loops: Participants make their way across the sky using ropes with loops for their feet. No cables or wooden planks to walk on, just loops to swing on!

Islands: Campers have the opportunity to walk across five wooden islands 30 feet in the air. Each participant will start at two different points then make their way across the sky while highfiving their friend in the middle!

Multivines: Swing just like a monkey in the jungle 30 feet over the Hofstra Ropes course! Participant use vines like ropes to move themselves across a steel cable while screeching like a monkey or yelling like Tarzan!

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