Cheerleading Coach Haylee Guarascio

Hofstra Cheerleader Haylee Guarascio, Summer Camp Director

Introducing Our New Director

Meet Haylee Guarascio! She is Hofstra Summer Camps new director of the Cheerleading Specialty Program and the leader of our exercise recreation groups — a new program.

Her Start

Haylee started out as a dancer and gymnast. She later discovered that cheerleading was a perfect combination of the two. This lead to her career as a cheerleader for Hofstra University. She is eager to instruct cheerleading because she believes the sport shows the importance of teamwork and trust — skills useful for any camper. The sport, she says, made her a reliable teammate, student and employee.

Hofstra Summer Camps New Recreation Exercise Program

She is excited to be the leader of the new recreation exercise program, a fun way for campers to get involved with fitness and exercise. Her campers will participate in obstacle courses, yoga and acrobatics-geared activities. She is looking forward to sharing her passion for fitness.


Haylee Guarascio, director of Hofstra Summer Camps cheerleading program and an instructor in the exercise recreation group shows off her balancing talents.

Haylee is currently getting her master’s in early education special education. She will also be coaching the MacArthur High School Junior Varsity Cheerleading Team this upcoming 2018-2019 school year.

Fun Facts: Haylee Guarascio

She loves:

  1. Dogs
  2. The Yankees
  3. Any candy with chocolate

Cheerleading Camp Information

Three cheers for Hofstra’s Summer Camp! Cheerleading takes a great deal of skill and trust. Instructors work with students individually and in groups to help campers hone their strengths, skills, and ability to work well in groups in a safe and fun environment. Age-specific games, fundamentals training, tumbling, jumps, dances, and exercises will really get participants moving in the direction of their goals. For more information, click HERE.


By Brian Kirschner