New York Baseball Academy (NYBA) Instructor Reid Gorecki

New York Baseball Academy summer camp

New York Baseball Academy Instructor and former major league ball player Reid Gorecki

Introducing  a new addition to New York Baseball Academy — a former major league baseball player

His Career
New York Baseball Academy Instructor Reid Gorecki started playing baseball at age 5. His father, who was a baseball coach, and his brother would play Wiffle ball in his backyard and that is when his love of baseball began.

He credits his success to his father and brother, who gave him advice and instruction when he was young. Reid played baseball at Kellenberg Memorial High School and was drafted in 2002 into the Major League. Reid played on various minor league teams before the Atlanta Braves recruited him in 2009.

“I so proud that my 30 years of hard work finally paid off, playing in my first MLB game was just the most amazing feeling,” said Reid. He recorded a hit in both of his first two major league games against the New York Mets.

Reid’s Commitment to Coaching

At New York Baseball Academy, Reid hopes to help campers have a fun yet instructional summer that they won’t forget. Reid said he feels a commitment to teach the younger generation because of all the instruction he received as a young player. He says, “by players passing on their knowledge, it keeps the sport alive.” He believes having fun is the key to succeeding in baseball.

Fun Facts: Reid Gorecki

Favorite Ice Cream: Butter Pecan

Prefers sunflower seeds over gum

Favorite warmup song: Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven


Come learn from Reid and other coaches at New York Baseball Academy at Hofstra University! For more than 40 years, New York Baseball Academy has taught thousands of athletes baseball skills. It is located on Hofstra’s 240-acre campus and Division 1 fields. For more information, click HERE.


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New York Baseball Academy summer camp

New York Baseball Academy Instructor Reid practices.