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Hofstra Summer Camp Counselor Apprentice Program

Counselor Apprentice Program Director Gerald Mastriocovo with some CAP campers.

 What is the Counselor Apprentice Program?

Hofstra Summer Camp’s Counselor Apprentice Program (CAP) gets you ready to become a counselor and gives you the chance to become a junior staff member for the following year. This comprehensive camp teaches things such as how to build relationships, understanding and implementing policies and procedures, working with medical and special needs children and offers workshops and seminars on CPR training, how to prevent bullying and how to uderstand of the needs of campers.

CAP participants divide their time between classes, assisting in the camps, and fun activities with the group. “The program will help build independence and social skills that they will need later on in life to become the most successful people they can be,” said Gerald Mastriocovo, CAP director. “I love being part of this program because it gives me a chance to see how much these individuals grow as people and counselors in only six weeks. I always tell the counselor apprentices on the first day that they will form a bond with each other that will last a lifetime.”

Hofstra Summer Camp Counselor Apprentice Program

The Counselor Apprentice Program is six weeks long.

Gerald has worked in the CAP program for six years and as director for three years. He offers the following tips: 

1. Push yourself to be as most outgoing as possible in order to build yourself into a successful counselor.
2. Have patience. These skills that will be acquired will not happen in one day. It will take a full six weeks to get comfortable and develop into a strong counselor or leader.
3. Be open-minded. A specialty that you may be interested in may not be available at the camp for the following year. You might find yourself liking something you may never expect. When choosing specialties to assist in, consider choosing at least one that you may not picked before as a camper yourself.

Gerald’s Favorite Quote: 

“Pick a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

His Day Job: 

Gerald is a Physical Education Teacher in the Bronx, NY, working with Pre-k to second grade kids. He’s  currently working towards his masters in physical education. ” I love being part of reason they are able to develop the skills needed for the rest of their lives,” he said. “I love seeing how they become successful and work together to achieve their goals.”

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Counselor Apprentice Program

The Counselor Apprentice Program trains campers to become counselors.


Counselor Apprentice program creates friendships.

At the Counselor Apprentice Program strong friendships are formed.