Hofstra Art Experience Gets Creative

Hofstra Art Experience

Hofstra Art Experience wants students to be creative.

Hofstra Art Experience Hofstra Art Experience Hofstra Art Experience

At the Hofstra Art Experience, campers experience multiple art disciplines. “We are currently offering cartooning, painting and clay to children in grades 2 through 9,” said Roberta Melnick, who supervises the program. “We try to foster an atmosphere where children can create their art in a relaxed environment.”

Melnick started out as an instructor at Hofstra Summer Camps, teaching clay in 1991. She became director of the program two years later. After teaching art in the NYC public school system for 25 years, she retired in 2016. “I now spend my time enjoying life with my husband, children and especially my six grandchildren,” she said. “I enjoy exercising and painting when I can.”

Why Study Art?

“I feel that art is an important life skill that can prepare kids for the future,” said Melnick. “We have seen the current job market shift to requiring people to be creative and open minded. Being creative is a lifelong skill that can be used in everyday situations.”

Teacher’s Tip

“Focus on the process not on the product,” she offered. “Art making should be fun and stress free. We encourage free expression through having fun and sharing ideas, while learning and improving art skill sets.”

Favorite Art Quote

“Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once we grow up”

-Pablo Picasso.

Hofstra Art Experience

Roberta Melnick is the director of the Hofstra Art Experience.

 About Our Art Programs

Paint yourself a picture of a summer camp filled with amazing art work. This camp teaches age-specific art techniques, styles, and mediums using individual and small-group instruction. Whether you’re a beginning artist or experienced, this camp will offer you new and exciting ways to express your artistic vision

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