Cub Camp Introduces Kids to Summer Fun

Cub Camp introduces pre-K and kindergarteners to camp.

The staff of Cub Camp

Cub Camp is a special program designed for children entering kindergarten and first grade. “Our program is designed to support that particular age group,” said Director Tom Livingston, who oversees the group with Mary McKay. “Our campers work on skills throughout their day ranging from relay races to promote hand- eye coordination, to light academics to improve their reading and writing skills, to craft making to focus on their fine motor skills.”

Livingston, a middle and high school earth science teacher, loves the program because it is a change of pace for him. “It is quite a treat to work with such enthusiastic little ones!” he said.

This program serves as a nice transition into kindergarten and into first grade because it prepares students for the type of social interactions they will experience. For such campers, this is brand new activity. Often these young children have not found their passion the way older campers have. The staff seeks to provide these new campers with the opportunity to enjoy an eclectic amount of activities. Cub Camp gets to visit other camps within Hofstra Summer Camps. It “serves as a “menu” for what our campers can do when they get older,” Livingston said. “Cub Camp is a perfect experience to teach children social skills and present them with an opportunity to make friends.”

Cub Camp Quote:

“We always try to teach our young campers that it is okay for them to make mistakes,” said Livington. “Our favorite quote is, ‘Every mistake is a chance to learn.’”

Fun Facts About the Director

He also enjoys running and biking and being outdoors.

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