Adventure Education Makes You Feel Safe in the Air

How do you learn to overcome obstacles? Modeled after the popular Project Adventure and Outward Bound programs, Adventure Education camp will teach participants to face mental, physical, and emotional challenges safely and confidently. Personal and social responsibility, trust, effective communication, problem-solving, teamwork and cooperation are emphasized as campers work through ground-level, low-level, and harder challenges such as climbing walls and catwalks. Your child will feel like they’re on top of the world as they tackle seemingly impossible situations successfully!     The Challenges High Elements: Campers complete these 30-foot tasks hooked into a harnessed and belayed (supported) by one of… Read more »

Program Profile: Have a Ball at Hofstra’s Tennis Camp

At Hofstra Summer Camps’ Tennis Program: We Consider Your Child’s Skill Level The Hofstra Tennis specialty accommodates children of all levels of play. On the first day of camp, each child is evaluated – based on his or her ability – and placed into the appropriate group. No child is locked into a skill group; if a child’s skills progress, he or she will be moved to a more advanced group. In 2011, Hofstra added the “10 and Under Tennis” specialty to its general Tennis program. This is the newest approach to teaching tennis to youngsters 10 years of age… Read more »

High School Students Want More Legal Information

From A Cappella Groups to Saturday Classes, Hofstra Professor J.S. Colesanti Makes the Law Accessible “The barriers between high school and college education are breaking down,” said Colesanti. “This is an exciting time for education that taps potential and trivializes limitations.”   High school students want to know more about legal matters than they get from the headlines, according to J S. Colesanti, professor of legal writing at Hofstra University who also teaches pre-collegiate legal studies. “The class introduces high school students to, in turn, the American concept of the rule of law, the work in law school and the… Read more »

Terry Ryan – Camp Director, Educator and Sports Fan

Terry Ryan and the Hofstra Summer Camp team Terry Ryan began his career as an elementary school teacher and a coach, and then he was an assistant principal. More than two decades later, he’s still working with children. He came to Hofstra University 19 years ago and he truly loves his job as camp director. “One of my biggest challenges was leaving the teaching profession with a wife and kids and jumping into the college world – it ended up being a great and successful choice,” he said. “I like the daily challenge of always being the best camp on… Read more »

Take Our Virtual Tour and Enjoy a Day of Camp

What fun! You can go to camp from the comfort of your home with our new virtual tour of Hofstra Summer Camps starring former camper Brendan McCann. Choose your own adventure IRL at Check out some behind the scenes photos:

Playing the Game

Q&A with Robert Hirschfeld, Director of the New York Baseball Academy at Hofstra University     What can students expect to learn from the program? It enables players of a variety of ages to receive valuable instruction from college and professional coaches in the aspects of pitching, catching, infield play and hitting in the off-season. This will help prepare them for their team participation next spring and summer. The program allows the staff to evaluate each student’s skills in all the aspects listed above and give them a road map to become more successful and proficient. We provide the “information” through… Read more »

A Life in Art: Professor Evangeline Christodoulou

When Professor Evangeline Christodoulou went to art school, she became excited about immersing herself in art – from glassblowing to ceramics to printmaking. “I couldn’t get enough!” she said. “I never wanted to stop creating. The feeling of accomplishment and learning how to manipulate all kinds of mediums and having any kind of art at my fingertips was amazing to me. To even think I could do this the rest of my life was astounding. Being on my own, as a young adult, there was nothing else but to learn, think, create and breathe art. It was heaven on Earth!”… Read more »

Instructional Swim Program Makes Hofstra Summer Camp a Splash!

What makes summer camp even more fun for kids? Of course, it’s plenty of time for swimming. One of the unique aspects of Hofstra Summer Camps (excluding Sports Academy Camps) is that it includes an American Red Cross instructional swim program with plenty of fun time in the water. Because camps take place on the picturesque Hofstra University campus, campers gain access to the school’s 50-meter, Olympic-sized indoor pool. It’s fun and learning with the instructional swim program. Campers are evaluated on the first day of each session and placed in the appropriate swim level group. New skills and safety… Read more »

At Our Long Island Summer Camp, Teens Can Explore Career Options Before Choosing a College Major!

What if there was an easier way for teens to decide what career path to take and what to go to college for? Great news: there is! The Precollegiate Career Discovery Institute at Hofstra University allows middle school and high school students to explore real-life career options before they take the next step into higher education. Students can explore career paths such as aviation, criminal justice, culinary arts, veterinary science, entrepreneurship, sportscasting, novel writing and so much more. For students in grades 6-11, the Precollegiate Career Discovery Institute offers a true campus learning environment, empowering them to be responsible and… Read more »

Robotics Summer Camp: Getting Kids Excited about STEM

Learning math or science is not typically at the top of kids’ wish lists of how they want to spend their summer vacation. Yet, there is a growing trend in engaging school-aged children in technology learning that helps stimulate interest in these subjects. At Robotics Summer Camp, offered at Hofstra Summer Camp, boys and girls, entering grades 2-9, build and program real working robots while learning fundamentals of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Unlike traditional summer school instruction that nearly every child dreads, Robotics Summer Camp is fun and builds excitement in STEM. By shifting from classroom work to… Read more »