New York Baseball Academy (NYBA) Instructor Reid Gorecki

Introducing  a new addition to New York Baseball Academy — a former major league baseball player His Career New York Baseball Academy Instructor Reid Gorecki started playing baseball at age 5. His father, who was a baseball coach, and his brother would play Wiffle ball in his backyard and that is when his love of baseball began. He credits his success to his father and brother, who gave him advice and instruction when he was young. Reid played baseball at Kellenberg Memorial High School and was drafted in 2002 into the Major League. Reid played on various minor league teams… Read more »

Playing the Game

Q&A with Robert Hirschfeld, Director of the New York Baseball Academy at Hofstra University     What can students expect to learn from the program? It enables players of a variety of ages to receive valuable instruction from college and professional coaches in the aspects of pitching, catching, infield play and hitting in the off-season. This will help prepare them for their team participation next spring and summer. The program allows the staff to evaluate each student’s skills in all the aspects listed above and give them a road map to become more successful and proficient. We provide the “information” through… Read more »