High School Students Want More Legal Information

From A Cappella Groups to Saturday Classes, Hofstra Professor J.S. Colesanti Makes the Law Accessible “The barriers between high school and college education are breaking down,” said Colesanti. “This is an exciting time for education that taps potential and trivializes limitations.”   High school students want to know more about legal matters than they get from the headlines, according to J S. Colesanti, professor of legal writing at Hofstra University who also teaches pre-collegiate legal studies. “The class introduces high school students to, in turn, the American concept of the rule of law, the work in law school and the… Read more »

A Life in Art: Professor Evangeline Christodoulou

When Professor Evangeline Christodoulou went to art school, she became excited about immersing herself in art – from glassblowing to ceramics to printmaking. “I couldn’t get enough!” she said. “I never wanted to stop creating. The feeling of accomplishment and learning how to manipulate all kinds of mediums and having any kind of art at my fingertips was amazing to me. To even think I could do this the rest of my life was astounding. Being on my own, as a young adult, there was nothing else but to learn, think, create and breathe art. It was heaven on Earth!”… Read more »