Tennis for Everyone – A Slam Dunk

On Friday, all of our campers experienced Hofstra Summer Camps’ new program, Net Generation, the official youth tennis of the U.S. Tennis Association, taught by Tennis Directors Eddie and Sunny Fishkind. Campers in all programs enjoyed hitting some balls and learning some basics about the sport. Everyone got to try it out. Net Generation seeks to encourage “kids to challenge themselves. It helps shape the game to individual players, so they can learn at their own speed. Even more importantly, it use.s tennis as a pathway to personal development off the court.” Programs are designed to introduce the game to… Read more »

Program Profile: Have a Ball at Hofstra’s Tennis Camp

At Hofstra Summer Camps’ Tennis Program: We Consider Your Child’s Skill Level The Hofstra Tennis specialty accommodates children of all levels of play. On the first day of camp, each child is evaluated – based on his or her ability – and placed into the appropriate group. No child is locked into a skill group; if a child’s skills progress, he or she will be moved to a more advanced group. In 2011, Hofstra added the “10 and Under Tennis” specialty to its general Tennis program. This is the newest approach to teaching tennis to youngsters 10 years of age… Read more »